Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Gabriel Barkay at DTS + Bruce Waltke

DTS will be hosting a brown bag with the world renowned archaeologist, Gabriel Barkay, on Wednesday at 11:30 (in Campbell 204). He will be discussing recent finds from his work with the Temple Mount debris. YOU MUST SEE HIM if you are in town.

Todd Bolen has some articles on Barkay and his work. See his posts on:

One of My Favorite Teachers
Update on the Temple Mount Debris Project

ALSO, Bruce Waltke is doing the W. H. Griffith Thomas lectures this week at DTS. He will be speaking on preaching Proverbs. Eat your heart out Expository Boys.


M. Jay Bennett said...

Sweet! I won't be able to make it down to the chool this week, but I look forward to downloading Waltke's lectures soon.


Jeff Wright said...

Wish I could've gone but I had to work. How was it?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

It was awesome. Barkay is absolutely brilliant. DTS was very, very fortunate to get him here.

Jeff Wright said...

Cool. G. Johnston offered 100% on a quiz to bribe us into going but I couldn't make it. Could've used the 100% :)