Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Academic Ministries Student Group at DTS

Many of the students at DTS will go into church related ministry, as pastor or pastoral staff. There is a lot of infrastructure around this type of ministry at DTS, both in the training and in placement after graduation. But what if you are called to a ministry in Higher Education? Who are your peers that share this calling, and how can you benefit from their fellowship? Well, now you can! After much effort, we are finally able to announce that there is a new student group at DTS.

The Forum (DTS Academic Ministry Students Forum) is one week official and is already the largest student group on campus with over 50 members! The purpose of this group is for academic ministries students to share information, build network contacts, enhance learning and participate in special functions related to ministry in higher education. We will share papers and discuss where to go for doctoral work. We will be able to travel to ETS together and invite faculty and others to speak on pertinent topics to our group. I’m excited about what this group is going to be able to accomplish in helping to prepare those who are going out to train tomorrows Christian leaders. Membership in The Forum is open to any DTS students in good standing, in any degree program. If you would like further information on The Forum, you can contact me at

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