Monday, July 2, 2007

DTS is Now Deluxe

I have confirmed that it is now public information that DTS owns the Deluxe Inn across Live Oak! I know all of you alumns will miss the beautiful establishment. As of now, I don't think it has been decided exactly what will happen to the property.


GUNNY said...

Can the alum get a discount on a night's stay in the meantime?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say they name it after Chuck Swindoll, whatever it is.

There's the Chafer Chapel, Walvoord Student Center, Campbell Academic Center, but Dr. Swindoll is the only former president not to get any love.

(Even Dr. Howard Hendricks got a leadership center.)

How about Swindoll Student Recreation Center?

Jared Nelson said...


In honor of Swindoll's recent expulsion from Fundamentalist radio stations, I hope in the Swindoll Recreation center there will be a place to play "craps" and many games with "balls."

Michael J. Svigel said...

Yippeeee! When can I move in??!?!!

Michael J. Svigel said...

Considering I still don't have an office in Todd . . .

Jeff Wright said...

It'd be cool if the profs could get some real offices. Some of those offices are not much bigger than a cubicle.

Surely they'll keep the existing building. I can't imagine its so bad that they'd have to level it.

They just built housing. Do we need more? Do we need more classrooms?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

How about parking. I would like to see a parking lot there with a skywalk over Live Oak.

Chris Freeland said...

Maybe a pub where students could have deep discussions over a pitcher of... root beer?

Seriously, I'm going to miss the "no tell motel" every time I go back to the campus.

I'll just have to remember to stay far away when they tear it down... all those roaches are going to have someplace to go.

Jeff Wright said...

"a skywalk over Live Oak."

That would be awesome