Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Educational Resource: iTunesU

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take classes at Reformed Theological Seminary, or Duke, Yale, Stanford, MIT, or . . . Berkeley? Thanks to Apple, you can. For free! Listen or watch classes on religion, history, philosophy, or wherever your interests lie. This resource has just been released, so I know that many more institutions will be involved in the future.

How to learn
: first download iTunes for your Mac or PC here. After the program is downloaded, open iTunes and click on “iTunes Store” in the left sidebar. When the store opens, you will find the “iTunesU” link at the top of the left sidebar. Click and learn!

Yet another Apple innovation that is beneficial for your sanctification.

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Heather Jamison said...

This is unusual maybe but I couldn't see where to make a direct contact. I noticed my link to my website in the side column but it's an old link to an archive. Is it possible to get it updated to the current blog? It's www.heatheronthenet.com

Thanks! And God bless you!!!!!!