Saturday, September 1, 2007

How Can a Man Be Right With God? The Doctrine of Justification

SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2007

For those in the DFW area, you may be interested in the Founders Conference Southwest held at Heritage Baptist in Mansfield, TX.

The topic of the conference is the doctrine of justification, which has been a topic of conversation more often than not as of late.

Presentations will include the following:

  • Justification & the New Covenant
  • The Nature of Abraham's Faith
  • Justification & the Ordo Salutis
  • A Critique of Federal Visionism
  • A Critique of Dispensationalism & Justification
  • Assurance & Justification

The Founders is pretty much a group of Baptists who are Reformed (particularly soteriology) and who are wanting to see reform in the SBC. But I'm confident others would not be ostracized nor forced at gun point to affirm & undergo "believer's baptism by immersion." We haven't resorted to such activity ... very often, lately.

If registered, the cost is $35, but only $15 for college/seminary students. That price includes 5 meals, but you can go much cheaper if you pass up the meals.

More information can be found here.


Lionel Woods said...

I would love to come to this, to bad I have to work. Will it be provided in Audio?

GUNNY said...

Should be the case. They've had the audio in the past.

In fact, they have the previous years' online.

Go to the site of Heritage Baptist and click on Sermons and then on CONFERENCES.

There's some great stuff in there.