Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Should elected student officers be removed from their position due to doctrinal stances?

From Christianity Today:

Dispensational Dustup
Student dismissed from leadership for 'potentially divisive' beliefs.
Sarah Pulliam posted 10/10/2007

Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, removed a senior as student ministries director because of theological views that some at the college called "hyper-dispensational."

"The matters of concern raised were viewed as being potentially divisive and not accurately representing the theological interpretation of Northwestern College," said an August e-mail announcing Josh Strelecki's removal.

Strelecki holds to three controversial beliefs: that the book of James was written for Israel and not for the church; that the church started with Paul and not at Pentecost; and that Israel was saved by faith and works, not by faith alone...

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Jeff Wright said...

This potential doctrinal clause that is being considered for future members was not in place at the time this student was elected. It seems to me that he should be able to fulfill his term while the school puts the new provisions in place.

Jared Nelson said...

Yeah, that can be troubling, but then again, it is their school. What if the tables were turned and a DTS student leader said he thought that Israel and the Church are not two distinct peoples of God in future dealings with His people? Would DTS remove a student from a position for becoming covenantal?

Jeff Wright said...

They'd have to disqualify a lot of students from being student officers if they did that.

CMWoodall said...

will doctrinal mccarthyism reach DTS?