Monday, May 12, 2008

Great FREE Resources for Preachers

One of the books that wasn't required in preaching class at DTS, but that I heartily recommend is Bryan Chapell's Christ-Centered Preaching.

If you've read it and would like a refresher or would like the content in another format, you can access the preaching course taught by Dr. Chapell (who is also the president of Covenant Theological Seminary) and Dr. Zack Eswine (a great guy whom I met at an EHS meeting a few years back).

You have access to mp3s, transcript, notes, and study guide for each lecture.


Lance said...

I found a little gem on homiletics after graduating.

It's short and sweet.

Title: "The Homiletical Plot."

Anyone else heard of it or read it?

Gunny: Remind me and I'll bring it to our next Starbucks shindig.

GUNNY said...

That's some good slooge from Lowry. I actually read it while at DTS and think I might still have it somewhere.

An easy read, but I recall it having some good bull in there.

c.w. goad said...

Wow. Insightful and powerful.

Live Raw,