Monday, September 8, 2008

DTS classes on iTunes

Just got this on my DTS Google Alert: The seminary is offering free classes on iTunes in video format. BE 102 w/ Allman, 107 w/ Toussaint, PM 103 w/ Warren, plus many more are available for free to download.

I wonder how much of our tuition is going for the hardware & manpower to run this feature. Does it matter to you?


CMWoodall said...

yes it matters
we are phasing ourselves out with all this 'electronic training'.
you know longer have to sit under another man to learn his trade.
the result of this kind of so-called 'ministry formation' will be telling.

Jared Nelson said...

It makes sense to do, many seminaries are doing this now: Reformed Theological Seminary, Concordia, Covenant. I wish they would put better classes up there than the BE classes though, like things from the ST or HT or NT departments.

GUNNY said...

I watched a pretty good one on leadership in ministry or some such a while back that Howard Hendricks did. I doubt it will be a freebie, but I enjoyed it.

My concern with seminary starting with my time there was how hard it actually was to get time with the professors, to get some personal experience to learn their craft.

I believe it has become worse with 10+ years worth of emphasis on increasing the student enrollment. I'd be willing to wager the teacher to student ratio is the worst it's ever been.

Gabe Smith said...

It's good for those who may not be fortunate enough to afford to spend the time/money to move to Dallas and spend 4 years to be better teachers and leaders in the church. I don't think it replaces the full seminary experience, but it is certainly good to make these available on iTunes.

I would also like to see more ST, HT, NT, and PM classes available.

CaptainTux said...


I attended a small Bible college in the Chicago area and even taught there for a few semesters.

Currently I am in the process of planting a church. One of the weaknesses we suffer from in Western Christian culture is a general ignorance of the Bible and Orthodox theology. The free courses listed at are very basic. This is a tool I can use to make "lay" teachers and leaders in the church stronger.

Considering this is a free resource that comes from DTS as opposed to College of the Harmonic Unicorn, I can be secure that I am offering congregates a valuable resource.

If some of your tuition has gone to this work, then I think your tuition is truly doing the work of the gospel by better equipping potential disciples in the every day and mundane world of Sunday School, kids church, and small group leaders.


BB said...

Given the fact that our "tuition" covers only a portion of the cost of our education . . . I don't think "our" money is paying for this.

Aaron said...

Is it really "our money" after we pay our bill?