Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dallas Seminary's Electronic Rare Book Collection

Dallas Seminary has made 282 of the school's rare books available for viewing online. According to John Hannah's introductory video, some of the books date back to the 1500's. Major topics include premillenialism, covenant theology, Dispensationalism, and some Puritan titles including authors John Flavel and Richard Baxter. Flavel's book is A Treatise on the Soul of Man (1698) and Baxter's work is A Treatise of Conversion (1657). Other authors of note include W.E. Blackstone, Andrew Bonar, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Rene Descartes, Timothy Dwight, Jonathan Edwards, Desiderius Erasmus, Matthew Hale, John Hannah, H.A. Ironside, Martin Luther, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, John Milton, Isaac Newton, John Newton, A.W. Pink, C.I. Scofield, and Isaac Watts. I've browsed through several of the books and they look great. This is a good resource for theology buffs and lovers of rare books.

Browse Books By:

Publication Dates:
1500-1599 (2 books)
1600-1699 (46 books)
1700-1799 (69 books)
1800-1899 (79 books)
1900-1999 (85 books)

A-D (60 authors)
E-H (46 authors)
I-K (13 authors)
L-Q (49 authors)
R-T (31 authors)
U-Z (25 authors)

Commentary (79 books), End Times (69 books), Bible (66 books), Prophesy (63 books), Doctoral Dissertations (36 books), Sermons (23 books), Revelation (23 books), Theology (23 books), Doctrine (20 books), Salvation (18 books), Apostle John (18 books), Dispensationalism (18 books), Daniel (16 books), Israel (14 books), Leviticus (13 books), Genesis (13 books), Jesus Christ (12 books), Translation (11 books), Dallas Theological Seminary History (11 books), Apostle Paul (11 books)

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San said...

Perhaps it's worth mentioning that included in the rare-book collection is a two-volume work by John Newton (who's now in the news thanks to the "Amazing Grace" movie) that's an expository discourse on Handel's Messiah.