Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Online Discussion Board

I want to help get the word out about a new message board called Faith and Practice, A Forum For Exploring the Christian Faith. It can be difficult to find quality discussion forums online. I've seen some that look awesome and have great features but I found myself on the fringes of the community theologically speaking. I've seen others that are comprised of people who largely believe as I do but the atmosphere is very combative and judgemental. Faith and Practice is brand new but it looks promising. The appearance of the message board itself is generic but the quality of the discussion (which is what really counts) has been substantive thus far. Our own M. Jay Bennett is one of the administrators of the board and I have signed up as a member. I know that most of us do not have a lot of free time but if you're looking for a good theological message board, Faith and Practice may be a good place for you. Click the link and check it out. If you like what you see, sign up and spread the word.
* Faith and Practice is in no way affiliated with this site but I thought some of our readers might be interested in a message board like this.

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