Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"Do You Blog?"

The Spring 2007 Vol. 31, No. 1 issue of Kindred Spirit featured an article entitled "Do You Blog?" Many of the blogs already listed here at Preach the Word were featured along with several new blogs that I have added to our list:

Between the Worlds (Karen Dittman)
Brother Osric’s Scriptorium (Michael Spence)
conFESSions (Heather Jamison)
Corvette Blog (Rev. William G. F. Connell)
Jim Hamilton (Dr. Jim Hamilton)
Keep Believing (Dr. Ray Pritchard)
L'Chaim blog (Heather Goodman)
Left Coast Sunburn (Benji Bruneel)
Lyn-z-4jesus blog (Lynzee West)
Pray with Christ (Oliver W. Price)
Pursued by God (Kevin Feldotto)
Stole This One (Jacob Glidewell)
TriTPastor2B (Todd Cepica)


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