Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fundamentalist Radio Ministry Cancels Swindoll's Program Over "Vulgar" Language

[hat tip - Chris Freeland]

Excerpt from Why VCY America Removed Insight for Living"

“Since 1979 VCY America has aired Insight For Living. Increasingly over recent years, VCY has been concerned about the content and direction of the IFL
broadcasts with Chuck Swindoll. Through the years we have had multiple conversations with IFL regarding objections to content in their broadcasts. It is VCY’s position that certain language and illustrations used have been crude, vulgar, and from the gutter and have no place on Christian radio.
While the listing below is not exhaustive, it does give a representation of VCY’s objections that have resulted in the termination of the broadcast." [see
link above for more]

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J. Ed Komoszewski said...

Michael Patton has also written about this on the Parchment and Pen blog.

Darren said...

While I respect this station’s right to have on whomever they choose, this is the same circle of folks that have criticized Swindoll for other things, so I speculate if there are other factors. Some examples are “guilt by association” such as his quoting of Richard Foster and Henri Nouwen. Another is since DTS teaches Spiritual Formation and Swindoll is Chancellor, then he and DTS teach contemplative spirituality. is a good example.

Jared Nelson said...

I wish DTS taught contemplative spirituality rather than "just don't sin" spirituality.

Svigel said...

This is amazing. Within three entries we went from vulgar language to contemplative spirituality. I love blogging!

By the way, on cussing, you might take a look at my article, "Toward an Evangelical Theology of Cussing," found at

By the way, Jared, it would be a fun post discussing what kind of view of the spiritual life DTS actually does teach nowadays. It seems to have changed over the years and I'm not quite sure what it is now...

Jared Nelson said...


Maybe eventually I will post on that. But I need to do some positive thinking right now. I've have been disappointed with the brand of spirituality and attitudes about alcohol, but I need to focus on the many good things DTS does such as exposition, languages, and the Theology and Missions department.

Jared Nelson said...

BTW - That article on a theology of cussing is hilarious! I was laughing out loud!