Thursday, January 31, 2008

If you could do anything else ...

It seems to me that whenever I have heard wisdom from a pastor with decades of experience under his belt a recurring theme is "If you can do anything else, do it."

Coupling that with a fellow pastor's comment about what he would want to do for a living if he wasn't pastoring brought the following question to my mind:

"What would I want to do if I wasn't in ministry?"

My experience is that God has called people to the pastoral ministry from various educational and vocational backgrounds and I never tire of hearing of such.

So, my questions for you, DTSers:

"Were you (planning on) doing something else when get turned toward a career in ministry? If so, what?"

"If you weren't in the ministry today, what would you be doing?" (assuming you could get the job you wanted).


I would be a sports writer for the St. Louis Cardinals.


Lance said...

Sports broadcasting (although I have no qualifications, other than my family's comments when I mute the TV and provide play-by-play).

Hey--a pastor has to do something to keep his sense of humor.

GUNNY said...

What about being our generation's Stephen Wright?!

I would think that's right in your wheelhouse.

the rabbi said...

I would play bass for a reggae band...dreads and all (well, maybe not ALL)...