Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Preaching Process Tool: Sermon Builder

I across across this interesting and useful tool:

Sermon Builder from The Shepherd's Conference online resources.

Welcome to the Sermon Builder – a step-by-step guide for expository sermon preparation. While the Sermon Builder will not write someone's sermon for them, it is intended to lead pastors and Bible teachers through the basic steps of exegesis and exposition. It is our desire that even the experienced expositor, as he works his way through the Sermon Builder, will be refreshed and reminded of helpful principles and truths.

The Sermon Builder has divided the sermon building process into four main stages: 1) Preparation, 2) Precision, 3) Production, and 4) Presentation. Later stages can be accessed immediately by clicking on the corresponding link at the top of the page. Each stage is divided into specific steps. By clicking "next" or "back" users can navigate from one step to the next.

With each step, users can also click on the online links listed to the right of the text. These links are designed to give the user immediate access to helpful resources and sermon building tools.

It's some really good stuff and is almost a preaching course online.

It got me to thinking ... How has your sermon construction process "evolved" over the years?

What does your typical week look like with regard to sermon preparation?

Any tips you've picked up since seminary?


Timothy said...

I think they forgot several steps...
prayer, more prayer, prayer after praying and prayer to conclude...

But I will have to check it out...

Matt said...

I learned everything that I needed to know in DTS preaching class. :)

Seriously, I have found that there are tons of ways to be a great preacher--you just have to emphasize what you're good at. For me, that is NT backgrounds/theology and story- telling

I limit my preaching to 1 point. I give some backgrounds, show how the text leads to theology, answer major objections ("Yes, but don't I value something more?"), and tell a LOT of personal stories.