Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wiersbe's 10 Helpful Thoughts Regarding Ministry

I came across this and thought you might appreciate and/or find it useful as well.

  1. The foundation of ministry is character.
  2. The nature of ministry is service.
  3. The motive of ministry is love.
  4. The measure of ministry is sacrifice.
  5. The authority of ministry is submission.
  6. The purpose of ministry is the glory of God.
  7. The tools of ministry are the Word of God and prayer.
  8. The privilege of ministry is growth.
  9. The power of ministry is the Holy Spirit.
  10. The model for ministry is Jesus Christ.
-David & Warren Wiersbe, Making Sense of the Ministry


Timothy said...

Hi Gunny,
Not sure I like this list. It seems to put too much dependence upon the man, and not on Christ. In other words, it seems to be a man-centered list, and not a God-centered list.

Z said...

I look at it as a list where, if one always remembers the dependence is solely on Christ, these things make sense. Character, for instance, seems to be of utmost importance to Mr. Wiersbe (it is to me, too)....hopefully, a Pastor will be a man of character, able to submit himself, to be the things on this list, with the help of Christ. Does that make sense?